Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Nightmare Awaits - Nightmare at Challenge Mountain

(BOYNE FALLS, Mich) -- Hidden in the fog covered hills of Boyne Falls lies a creepy castle that once was a ski lodge. The castle awaits you with terrifying things that are looking for you. When you arrive, you are immediately greeted by creatures that come out only at a special time each year. These things lure you to the castle where your nightmare begins.

A slow trip through the mist takes you back in history to some of our most frightening of times. The Salem Witch Trials show you there is no way out. Lizzie Borden stalks you and you run. Through a drain maze of spiders, bats, and even a dog man you seek your escape. But to no avail. You come to a line that leads you to of all places, a haunted basement. The basement is filled with horror beyond your wildest fears. As you run, finally you reach the outside only to take a trip through what you think is a place to relax, aaaahhh, fairy tales. Only these fairy tales are definitely not like the ones you were read as a child. Quickly you hear things breathing close by. Oh what could they be… Run, run, faster, faster, don’t look back it might get you!

Challenge Mountain is the place in the hidden fog covered hills and the 7th annual Nightmare at Challenge Mountain is set to begin on Friday, October 3 and will run each Friday and Saturday in October including Halloween from 7-10pm.

Challenge Mountain is located at 2205 Springbrook Rd., Boyne Falls, MI. The cost for the Nightmare is only $10 for adults and children are just 2 for $5 accompanied by an adult. Each ticket is a season pass meaning you can come as many times as you want. You never know what you might miss.

For more information or driving directions you can visit and click on Nightmare as you enter the website or call 231-582-1186. Plan to attend if you are brave enough, but be afraid, be very afraid.

Sue Moody, Executive Director

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