Monday, April 19, 2010

KITCHEN Alchemy: Transform Yourself Through Food Showcases Growing Interest in Healthy, Innovative Cooking

The creative culture of food, fusion of cuisines, newfound access to exotic herbs, fruits, and vegetables, all serve to contribute infinite pleasure and nourishment to millions of people around the world. In their first book – Kitchen Alchemy– Ann Bowen-Jones and Phillippa Lee lovingly describe how food can positively impact every level of our being. Their innovative recipes are created to suit differing moods and needs, suggesting that our consciousness can also be transformed through each and every interaction with food. The 160-page, four color, softcover book will be released in August, 2010.

“More people than ever before are taking a keen interest in what they eat, where it comes from, and whether it was grown using organic or sustainable practices,” Ann says. “However, there is also heightened anxiety, guilt and uncertainty around food. We hope to help ease both novice and expert foodies into this simple mindset that we’re confident will boost their mind, body and spirit on multiple levels.”

At alchemy's core is transformation, with the transmutation of base metals into gold being a potent metaphor for the spiritual path. Food is, essentially, transformed by cooking to render it more palatable and nutritious. It metamorphoses again when eaten and its individual components become part of our bodies.

Kitchen Alchemy approaches shopping, cooking and eating food in a way that celebrates life, creation and beauty,” says Phillippa. “It illuminates our relationships with food and restores the influence of innate and cultural wisdom leading to healthier bodies and minds.”

Whether hearty or delicate, simple or fanciful, home cooks of every level will appreciate this refreshing approach to cooking and eating.

“We all have to eat, so it is empowering to realize that every time we fulfill that fundamental need we have choices which may seem small in themselves, but which cumulatively can quite simply transform our lives,” Phillippa says.

About the Authors
Ann’s home is high above a beautiful estuary in Wales. Her creative involvement with cooking came from her mother, Morfudd – a cookery teacher, as they constantly experimented together with new recipes. Her interest in the symbolism and philosophy of food across different cultures grew through her studies of nutrition and biochemistry and her PhD in psychology, and as a result of her yoga practices.

Phillippa trained as a chef during the punk rock period of the late 70s in England. Since that time she has been a chef at a top organic vegetarian hotel in the Lake District, has provided the food for mind-body-spirit workshops throughout the UK, and taught cooking to many individuals and groups.

About the Photographer
Tom Kachadurian is the author and photographer of four acclaimed books and has published images in Good Housekeeping, Food Arts, the New York Times, and USA Today. He is the art director for Spirituality & Health Magazine in addition to other freelance photography projects.

About the Publisher
Spirituality & Health Media has been recognized with several Folio Awards as the best magazine in Religion and Spirituality. No longer subsidized by Trinity Church, we are a private company supported by our subscribers and advertisers. We continue to follow the stories wherever they lead. T George Harris, now 85, continues as our most influential advisor. Editor-in-chief Steve Kiesling, 51, was the oldest competitor at the trials for the 2008 US Olympic Rowing Team and continues to push the limits of human experience. Our journey is not always easy, and the stories we undertake are not always comfortable, but we have a world-class team and would love for you to join us. Our book division publishes 4-6 titles a year following the mission of the magazine. For more of our backstory, please visit


$21.95 US, £9.95 UK • 160 pages • ISBN: 978-0-9818708-6-1 • Softcover 7.5 x 7.5 • August 2010

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