Monday, October 1, 2012

Hop Harvest Scheduled for this Week for North Peak's Hoodoo Midwest Wet Hop IPA

Crafting rich IPAs is second-nature to the brewers at North Peak Brewing Company, and the new Hoodoo Midwest Wet Hop IPA is no exception. Brewed exclusively with fresh-from-the-farm Cascade and Nugget Michigan hops – grown and nurtured just a stone’s throw up the peninsula at the Old Mission Hop Exchange – Hoodoo proudly displays an unparalleled flavor just begging to be experienced. It registered a 99IBUs with a 9.0%ABV.

“Given its strong malt-backed spine, we gave this Hoodoo hops to run,” says brewer Ron Jeffries, who along with brewer Mike Hall bring a combined 40 years of brewing experience to their North Peak beer recipes. “It starts hoppy, ends hoppy and is nuthin’ but hops in the middle. Well, okay, a little malt in the middle – just enough to keep this Hoodoo from getting fussy. But, it’s pretty much nuthin’ but hops.”

The brewing team at North Peak has taken a different approach to Hoodoo, making it the first wet hopped beer in their repertoire. Wet hopping involves utilizing raw, unprocessed hops that are used straight from the vine within hours of harvesting. Due to the moisture content, one ounce of fresh hops is much less bitter than a comparable mass of dried hops.

Keeping it local is vital to brewing culture and as such should be recognized and celebrated. North Peak is openly dedicated to a circle of beer making on the peninsula. The hops are sourced locally for beer making…beer produces spent grain (rich in nutrients) which is fed to Angus and highland cattle at Leggitt Farms on the peninsula…cows make manure, which is turned into fertilizer that is sent to Marigold Farms and Old Mission Hop Exchange for their hopyards…which produces the quality hops.

Not to mention the cattle which finds its way on the menus at both Mission Table and Jolly Pumpkin, part of the Northern United Brewing Company operation on Old Mission Peninsula. Imagine yourself sitting down for a juicy Leggitt burger (topped with local cheese, lettuce and tomatoes), paired with a cold North Peak brew. It doesn’t get much more local than that!

So where did the inspiration for Hoodoo originate? Hoodoo is a form of traditional folk magic that developed from the blending of a number of separate cultures and magical traditions. It incorporates practices from African and Native American customs, as well as some European magical practices. While the Hoodoo man is a trans-cultural phenomena, his roots run deep in Northern Michigan. He is often seen dancing and chanting, drinking up brew that bears his name, as if under some type of mystical spell.

Hoodoo will be available on draft and in the brand’s trademark 12-ounce stubby-bottle 6-packs starting late September through the harvest season. Find it throughout Michigan and Ohio, wherever your favorite North Peak beers are sold.

The North Peak is part of Northern United Brewing Co., which also encompasses the Grizzly Peak and Jolly Pumpkin Artisan Ales craft beer brands, as well as the Civilized line of spirits and Bonafide Wines. NUBC’s philosophy focuses on a dedication to conservation, inspiration and locally sustainable practices. All of the beers and spirits under these brands are produced at either its 5600-square-foot facility on Old Mission Peninsula adjacent to Mission Table (former Bowers Harbor Inn) restaurant or at the original Jolly Pumpkin facility in Dexter.

Find NUBC products at stores, restaurants and bars all throughout Michigan, including: North Peak Brewing Company, Mission Table and Jolly Pumpkin Brewery, in Traverse City; Jolly Pumpkin and Grizzly Peak, in Ann Arbor.

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