Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Traverse Tall Ship Company Offers Multi-Day Autumn Excursions Aboard the Schooner Manitou

Leave your busy schedules and the daily grind in the wind as you head out on the freshwaters of Grand Traverse Bay aboard the Schooner Manitou. The Traverse Tall Ship Company is once again offering a series of educational and entertaining multi-day cruises throughout the fall color tour months of September and October. During these trips, guests enjoy a relaxing, stress-free get-away, while visiting quaint coastal villages and soaking up the panoramic views of the northern Michigan shoreline. This is definitely a Pure Michigan experience.

Excursions with remaining availability for this fall include:

• 4-Day Wine Cruise (September 11-15, 2014) – Cost $739 per person.

Explore the great wine regions of the world with expert Chaad Thomas. Each evening aboard Manitou we will discuss the winemaking histories and taste the varietals of different countries. Dinners will feature paired wines chosen as a perfect complement to our meals.

Thomas, a partner in the Ann Arbor-based U.S. Wine Imports, came into the wine business through working in restaurants – where he learned and practiced the art of wine and food pairings. From there, a retail wine shop stint introduced him to the commodity side of the business and stirred an interest in the supply chain, linking the vineyards to the wine glass, which ultimately led him into importing and wholesale distribution.

Founded in 2006, U.S. Wine Imports initially specialized in Italian wine, but has grown over the years into a more complete, global portfolio – including wines from across Europe, South America and the United States, including Michigan. The company serves primarily independent restaurants and retail shops with family-owned, small production boutique wines.

• 4-Day Astronomy Cruise (September 25-29, 2014) – Cost $739 per person.

Astronomer Mark Nussbaum will be our guide as we study the brilliant northern Michigan heavens. Hillsdale College professor and avid amateur astronomer Mark Nussbaum will be our guide to the moon and stars as we study the brilliant northern Michigan heavens.

Charting a course just like sailors centuries before, this is a weekend for those who are awed by the vast wonders of the sky. Passengers will see how the stars rise and set, just like the sun, and appear to circle around Polaris (the North Star) as the earth rotates. Passengers may bring their own small telescope or binoculars. A telescope and half-dozen pairs of binoculars will be aboard the ship for the group to share.

Nussbaum will provide star charts and discuss the distances and sizes of the stars and how it is that we are actually looking back in time as we view deeper into space. A professor of analytical chemistry and chemistry for non-science majors, Mark has taken courses in astronomy and astrophysics and has taught astronomy at the college level. He’s also led or assisted at outdoor viewing sessions on several occasions.

• 4-Day Photography Cruise (October 2-6, 2014) – Cost $659 per person.

This cruise offers the extraordinary experience of traveling with seasoned photographer Chris Bickes — who appreciates whatever camera skills you may have or equipment you bring, and will work with you in capturing your unforgettable vacation story through camera management and photo composition.

Bickes has been hosting photo-walks and photo workshops in Northwest Michigan for the past three years. Workshops have included Ansel Adams Black and White Winter Sculpture, Sunset & Evening Photography, Classic Car Photography, and Wild Flower & Nature Photography. Previous to that Chris was a summer instructor at the Ansel Adams Gallery in Yosemite California and is a former student of Ansel Adams.

As one of the largest sailing ships on the Great Lakes, the Manitou is a replica of an 1800s “coasting” cargo schooner. A traditional two-masted, gaff rigged, topsail schooner, Manitou measures 114 feet in length with more than 3000 square feet of sail.

There is plenty of space for sitting and moving around the decks while under sail. While aboard the Manitou, passengers are free to leave the sailing to the experienced crew or lend a hand and learn the arts of the sailor. An excursion aboard the Manitou allows you to remove yourself from the trappings of modern life: no TV, phone (cell phones are discouraged), internet, email and definitely, no itinerary.

Trips are limited to 24 individuals, with accommodations provided in 12 double-bunk cabins. Fare includes lodging, all meals and sailing activities.

To make reservations for any of the 2014 Manitou sailing adventures, call toll free 800-678-0383, ext. 2 or order tickets online. Gift certificates are also available. For additional information about the Manitou, including its corporate charters, log on to www.TallShipSailing.com.

Traverse Tall Ship Company is located at 13258 S.W. Bay Shore Drive (M22) in Traverse City and shares a dock with the fleet from the Maritime Heritage Alliance, creating a unique nautical experience for the area.

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