Tuesday, October 27, 2009

What Your Favorite Season Reveals About You

In the midst of the changing seasons, it's a great time to discover what your favorite time of year says about you:

Fall -- The crispness of autumn gets your motor running, and you're a clever person who enjoys multitasking. Rather than being overwhelmed, you're stimulated. You often find intriguing solutions for problems because you always think outside the box.

Winter -- You're an independent person who pursues solitary adventures. But this time of year also awakens your sentimental side as you recall happy childhood memories. You manage to stay cheerful and positive during even the worst weather.

Spring -- You're a vivacious person who attracts admiring attention even in a crowd. You're an idealist with a strong work ethic who accomplishes most goals you set. Others often follow your lead because you project an incredibly positive vibe.

Summer -- Your mood is usually as sunny as the season. You're an energetic, social animal, often busy organizing an activity for friends. You love surprises, thriving on the unexpected and handling even tense situations with grace and panache.

SOURCE: http://www.woodradio.com/pages/Scott_Winters.html?_show

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