Thursday, June 13, 2013

Vander Mill Cider — A Great Year-Round, Gluten-Free Beverage — Made in Michigan

Despite common assumption, hard cider is not solely reserved for the autumn season. Vander Mill Cider produces a variety of hard ciders at its Spring Lake facility – year round. This summer, as you hit the Pure Michigan road, consider packing some Vander Mill for sharing with family and friends at the resort, cottage or campsite.

Three reasons to love Vander Mill Cider this summer…

1. It’s light and refreshing!
Vander Mill products are created in a process nearly identical to the making of fruit wine – using yeast to ferment the natural sugars into alcohol. Vander Mill’s cider is not from concentrate or pasteurized, and results in a beverage with around 7% alcohol. Vander Mill ciders should be served chilled, in a pint glass.

2. It’s easily transportable, in cans!
Earlier this spring, Vander Mill began producing three of its popular ciders – Hard Apple, Totally Roasted and Blue Gold (formerly known as Apple Blueberry) – in 16-ounce cans. Now, as you explore the woods and waters of Michigan, you can easily transport your favorite Vander Mill cider.

3. It’s gluten free!
With apples as the primary ingredient, hard cider is naturally gluten free! This means those with sensitivities are not restricted as they would be with other craft beverages.

Vander Mill opened its 5000-square-foot market in 2006 and recently completed a 3500-square-foot, $600,000 expansion at its facility in Spring Lake which will allow for production in 2013 to top 100,000 gallons. Currently, more than 600 retail outlets and 200 bars/restaurants in Michigan and Chicago serve Vander Mill ciders, hand crafted by Cider Maker Joel Brower.

Vander Mill Cider Mill & Winery
14921 Cleveland Street
Spring Lake, MI 49456

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Anonymous said...

Never drank ciders, found them to be too sweet for me. When I was diagnosed with celiac disease,I tried a few different kinds. My son brought me some of the Vander Mill and I really liked it! So did a lot of people who have tried it at our home!